University of Florida
Mathematics Department

Special Mathematics Education Colloquium
Kenneth I. Gross *
Professor of Education and Mathematics
The University of Vermont
Raising the Mathematics Achievement of K-8 Students: What Mathematics Should Their Teachers Know and Why?

Date:Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Time:4:00 - 4:55pm
Room:FAB 103
Refreshments: Before the lecture in LIT 339 (Atrium)


Dr. David Richardson
Senior Associate Dean, CLAS
                    KENS PIC

Abstract: As the mathematics learned in the elementary grades forms the foundation for the mathematics taught at the middle and secondary levels and in college, the role of the elementary teacher is of crucial importance in laying the foundation for students' success in later mathematics courses and ultimately for pursuing scientific and technological careers. If we are to raise student achievement at all educational levels and for all students, we must provide elementary teachers as well as middle school teachers with a more broad and deep understanding of mathematics and the capability to translate that knowledge into the K-8 classroom. In this presentation we will discuss as many of the following topics as time allows:

  • mathematics content needs of K-8 teachers
  • why primary teachers need to know "higher mathematics"
  • the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI), a successful statewide, content-based professional development program for K-8 teachers
  • understanding arithmetic and algebra through English language grammar
  • enduring mathematical motifs that stretch from the kindergarten classroom to college mathematics to the research frontier.
The presentation is designed for a general audience and has no mathematics or education prerequisites.

Professor Gross will give another talk this day at the NUMBER THEORY SEMINAR (Tue, Feb 8 at 1:55 pm in LIT 358) on An introduction to special functions of matrix argument.

 * ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Ken Gross is a professor of both mathematics and education at the University of Vermont. He initiated The Vermont Mathematics Initiative, a statewide mathematical leadership program for elementary school teachers. He was awarded the Lester R. Ford Award and the Chauvenet Prize from the Mathematics Association of America. He has had over forty years of research, teaching, and administration experience at public and private universities and at the National Science Foundation.

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