Dinner in honor of Abel Laureate John Thompson

Photos courtesy of Krishnaswami Alladi.
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Evan Pugh Professor George Andrews of Penn. State Univ. (President Elect of the AMS) conveys his congratulations to Prof. John Thompson

Distinguished Visiting Professor George Andrews speaking a the dinner in honor of 2008 Abel Laureate John Thompson. Also in the picture (l to r) are Professors Peter Sin, Jorge Martinez, David Groisser, Frank Garvan and Alex Turull

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Physics John Klauder expressing his appreciation. Seated beside him are Mrs Agnes Klauder, Nanette Dinculeanu and Prof. Nick Dinculeanu. Professors David Drake, Phil Boyland, Yuli Rudyak and Mrs Rudyak are facing John Klauder

Virginia Chow recalls the association of her late husband Prof. Chat Ho with his great teacher John Thompson. Seen in the picture facing the camera are Profs David Groisser, Alex Turull, Paul Ehrlich, Paul Ehrlich and Norma Ehrlich. Frank and Cyndi have backs to camera

Professor John Thompson, Dr. (Mrs) Diane Thompson and Mathura Alladi listening to the speeches

Professor David Drake (former Chair of the UF Math Dept) congratulating John Thompson. It was during Drake's term as chair that John Thompson's appointment as full time Graduate Research Professor was accomplished

Professor Peter Sin of the Algebra Group congratulating John Thompson. Peter Sin is John Thompson's collaborator on his most recent work on the divisor matrix, Dirichlet series and SL(2,Z)

Professor Alex Turull expressing his appreciation on behalf of the Algebra Group

Abel Laureate John Thompson responds. Seen here in the picture (l to r) are Dr. (Mrs) Diane Thompson, Professors Krishnaswami Alladi, Peter Sin, Jorge Martinez and George Andrews

Abel Laureate John Thompson in a discussion with Professor George Andrews, President Elect of the American Mathematical Society

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