Second Ramanujan Colloquium

March 19, 2008

Photos are clickable.

Ambassador Dennis Jett (ret'd), Dean of the UF International Center, making the Opening Remarks

As Dean Jett makes the Opening Remarks for the Ramanujan Colloquium, Speaker Professor Peter Sarnak looks on.

Prof Sarnak's Ramanujan Colloquium was on "Sieves, the generalized Ramanujan conjectures, and expander graphs".

Prof. Peter Sarnak (Princeton Univ and Inst. Adv. Study) delivers the Second Ramanujan Colloquium

Prof. Sarnak in discussion with Prof. Hershel Farkas. Profs. Jonathan King and Alladi Ramakrishnan look on.

Prof. Sarnak delivered two Number Theory Seminar talks on Mar 20 and 21 on the same topic

Chair Krishna Alladi with Ramanujan Colloquium Speaker Prof. Peter Sarnak and Sponsor Prof. George Andrews

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