Dan Goldston

Affiliation: San Jose State University

Email: daniel.goldston@sjsu.edu

Title Of Talk: Sums and Differences of Pairs of Primes

Abstract: This talk will examine some problems concerned with sums and differences of pairs of primes. One specific problem we will discuss concerning sums of two primes is the average number of Goldbach representations for all the integers up to N. This is joint work with Yang Liyang. Much work has been done on problems concerning the difference between consecutive primes, but it is also interesting to consider the differences between pairs of primes which may or may not be consecutive. One problem here is to look at the primes up to N and try to determine the most frequent difference that occurs. This problem can be solved assuming a sufficiently strong form of the Hardy-Littlewood prime pair conjecture. One can obtain good numerical evidence for the answer and also prove interesting unconditionally results for this problem. This is joint work with S. Funkhouser, D. Sengupta, and J. Sengupta.

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