K. Kannan

Affiliation: SASTRA University

Email: kkannan@maths.sastra.edu

Title Of Talk: Development of Gravitational Search Algorithm for solving a class of Ternary Diophantine Equations

Abstract: The paper introduces Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) to solve some special forms of Ternary Diophantine equation, for which there exists no general method of finding solutions. This algorithm is found upon introducing randomization concept along with the two of the four primary parameters 'velocity' and 'gravity' in physics. The performance of this algorithm has been evaluated on a set of random values. Computational result shows that the gravitational search algorithm - based heuristic is capable of producing high quality solutions, can offer many solutions of such equations. This work is joint with S. Raja Balachandar, R. Srikanth, S. Balachandran and S. G. Venkatesh.

Keywords: Gravitational Search Algorithm, Ternary Diophantine Equation, Randomization, primary parameters.

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