Kagan Kursungoz

Affiliation: Sabanci University, Istanbul

Email: kursungoz@sabanciuniv.edu

Title Of Talk: An Open Question of Corteel, Lovejoy and Mallet

Abstract: Finding overpartition analogues of partition identities has partly been focus of recent research. Rogers-Ramanujan generalizations, not surprisingly, occupy central stage. In the concluding remarks in their paper "An extension to overpartitions of the Rogers-Ramanujan identities for even moduli" (JNT 128, 2008 pp 1602-1621), Corteel et.al. gave a general series for further investigation. We settle the question, unfortunately, in the negative. We will place their series in a family of series, and show that one cannot deduce further overpartition identities than already proven. This is joint work with Shashank Kanade (Univ of Alberta) and Matthew Russell (Rutgers Univ).

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