Armin Straub

Affiliation: University of South Alabama


Title Of Talk: Core partitions into distinct parts and an analog of Euler's theorem

Abstract: A special case of an elegant result due to Anderson proves that the number of $(s,s+1)$-core partitions is finite and is given by the Catalan number $C_s$. Amdeberhan recently conjectured that the number of $(s,s+1)$-core partitions into distinct parts equals the Fibonacci number $F_{s+1}$. We prove this conjecture by enumerating, more generally, $(s,ds-1)$-core partitions into distinct parts. As a by-product of our discussion, we obtain a bijection between partitions into distinct parts and partitions into odd parts, which preserves the perimeter (that is, the largest part plus the number of parts minus $1$). This simple but curious analog of Euler's theorem appears to be missing from the literature on partitions.

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